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After falling further behind the Boston Red Sox and holding a late-night meeting, the New York Yankees now face what must be one of the last pitchers they want to see - Josh Beckett. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-04
Red Sox-Yankees Preview 2008-07-04

The Milwaukee Brewers are serious about trading for Indians left-hander C. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-04
Sources: Brewers making serious run at Sabathia

Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox talked about everything that went right. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-04
Red Sox 7, Yankees 0

With the Yanks and BoSox playing a four-game series this weekend, Jeff Moore says it's time to redefine baseball's best rivalries. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-04
Redefining baseball's top 10 rivalries

MEDICAL WATCH: LF Manny Ramirez (sore right hamstring) asked to play DH instead of left field on July 1-2. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Boston Red Sox Roster Report 2008-07-03

It appeared that the Sox had finally solved some of their bullpen issues when their relievers compiled a 3. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Boston Red Sox Inside Pitch 2008-07-03

--OF J. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Boston Red Sox Notes, Quotes 2008-07-03

If the New York Yankees want to make it to the postseason for the 14th straight year, there is no better place to start a push than this series against the suddenly struggling Boston Red Sox. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Red Sox-Yankees Preview 2008-07-03

There's no secret to the success of the Tampa Bay Rays this season. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Rays 7, Red Sox 6

Evan Longoria went 3-for-4 and drove in three runs Wednesday night, helping the surging Tampa Bay Rays beat the Boston Red Sox 7-6 for their second three-game sweep of the World Series champions this season. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Longoria paces Rays sweep of BoSox

What was a good weekend for fantasy owners of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre (knee) turned sour Sunday, June 29, when Pierre was injured during a successful steal attempt against the Angels. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
News analysis: Pierre suffers first big injury

Thought I'd start off with a few things I've said this year about my fantasy teams I could never have envision myself vocalizing: 
Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Mound musings: Solid buys at midseason

Submitted on: 2008-07-03
Minor league report: Sox love Van Every

The Tampa Bay Rays extended their lead in the American League East on Tuesday night, defeating the Boston Red Sox 3-1 to clinch a series victory over their new nemesis. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-02
Rays Roll, Percival To DL

The Tampa Bay Rays are taking a business-as-usual approach to their position atop the AL East. 
Submitted on: 2008-07-02
Rays 3, Red Sox 1

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